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Introduction to Steel Plate


Ways of Air Conditioning

Vertical Laminar Flow: flow of clean air from the ceiling to the floor, applicable for Class 10-1,000
水平層流: 清淨空氣80%以上由天花板吹出,由壁板吸入40%以上,天花板亦可。(Class 10,000~ 100,000適用)
亂流: 清淨空氣從過濾器吹出口,由地板附近吸入。(Class 10,000~ 100,000適用)

Clean Room Applications

The development of Clean Room originated from NASA's space exploration research, with close to a 40-year history. With the rapid advances in technology, high-tech products from the U.S., Europe and Japan have successively reached Taiwan, to establish their own factories. The higher the technology of the end products are, the higher the demand regarding the quality of the manufacturing environment is; therefore, the Taiwan electronics industry has imported the concept and application of the Clean Room.

Dust- and Germ-Free Room Classification and Variety

無塵無菌室等級與種類,無塵室基本的注意事項列舉 Example of several basic things to be mindful of:無塵室裡不可有塵埃、微粒子There can be no dust or particles in the Clean Room。無塵室內的粉塵、微粒子必須收集清除Dust and particles in the Clean Room must be collected and eliminated… …

Example of clean room partitions

優異的隔熱性:絕佳的耐久性和耐蝕性。牆壁採用金屬中隔熱性絕佳的材質:表面的材質因為經過幾次塗料及多次燒製處理所以具有絕佳的耐久性、及耐蝕性,能承受變形和裂痕外力。阻隔外界(密閉性):牆壁的接縫處,在金屬板相互間結合而成,所以密閉性的卓越是無懈可擊的… …